Human Trafficking in Canada: Educational Resource

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Human Trafficking in Canada: Educational Resource



The Joy Smith Foundation has developed an educational resource kit that will teach Canadian youth, parents and teachers how human trafficking happens.
Everyday our youth are being lured into the sex trade by traffickers who gain their trust. This school program will teach students in grades 8-12 how predators groom young victims, and that it is the traffickers who are to blame. Students will learn about Canada’s history of fighting slavery and about the laws that are in place today to protect victims.
CD Presentation
  • −  Part 1: Survivors Speak Out
  • −  Part 2: From Past to Present
  • −  Part 3: Human Trafficking Today in Canada
  • −  Part 4: How to Recognize & Report Human Trafficking
  • −  Part 5: Getting to Know the Joy Smith Foundation
  • −  Part 6: Starting the Conversation

DVD “Human Trafficking: Canada’s Secret Shame”