For the Joy of Giving!

The launch of the National Human Trafficking Education Centre brings us one step closer to ending human trafficking in Canada. Education is our greatest weapon against human trafficking.

Your support is more important than ever as we begin this next chapter in our journey to provide educational resources to youth, parents, first responders, educators, community leaders and those working in the justice system.

Through education, prevention and intervention, we can end human trafficking in Canada. Survivors can heal. Families can be reunited. Justice can be served.

Every donation will bring us one step closer to our goal of ending human trafficking. Every single dollar makes a difference. No amount is too small. All gifts over $20 will receive a tax receipt.
Or mail a cheque made payable to The Joy Smith Foundation Inc. to:
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The Joy Smith Foundation
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Ways to Give

Pure Giving

Make a one-time donation. The Joy Smith Foundation is a careful steward of your investment and money is directed to provide Education, Intervention and Prevention programs to protect Canadians from human trafficking and support survivors from the point of rescue through the process of finding justice and beyond

Monthly Giving

 Commit to making a monthly gift to support our work. Any amount that you can give is appreciated and will help us make an impact.

Giving Tuesday

Be part of the global giving movement on Tuesday, November 30 and make a donation to the Foundation. In the busyness of the holiday season spending, Giving Tuesday encourages us all to think about those who need our help most. Your gift will go towards our programs that help survivors and their families.

Christmas Baskets

 Make a donation to help us provide survivors and their families with special holiday gift baskets, individually created to meet each family’s unique needs and circumstances. We will arrange for the safe delivery of these hampers that are sure to provide hope and encouragement to survivors as they continue on their healing journey.

Seasonal Giving

 Host a special event at your home or workplace and in lieu of gifts, invite families, colleagues and friends to make a donation to the Joy Smith Foundation. Host a COVID-safe lunch, dinner or special event and give the gift of hope this Christmas season.

Honour Someone Special

 Celebrate, honour or remember someone special by making a gift in their name. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, memorial or another special occasion, a gift to the Joy Smith Foundation in a loved one’s honour will help make lasting change for survivors and their families.

Joy in Action

 Be part of our annual fundraiser and run, bike or walk in support of the Foundation. There are no registration fees and all money will go directly to supporting our education, intervention and prevention programs. It’s that simple! 
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I've been asked to share my thoughts on why we have chosen to become regular contributors to the Joy Smith Foundation. It is simply because they work tirelessly for the cause of rescuing and protecting every man, woman and child from human trafficking. The 2021 Best Countries Report has recently named Canada as the most livable country in the world. I know that the blessing of safety, peace and joy that I have had in living in this amazing country has not been the experience of so many who have been enslaved by the atrocity of human trafficking. The work the Foundation is doing, especially in the area of education, is reason enough to lend support to the cause and help to open all our eyes to the truth, to protect potential and existing victims, and to help inspire and mobilize citizens to help in any way we can.
-- Agnes, Supporter