Education Is Our 
Greatest Weapon

The National Human Trafficking Education Centre is an initiative launched by the Joy Smith Foundation.
Every single day we hear “I just didn’t know”...

I just didn’t know that my child could fall victim to this.

I just didn’t know that my daughter’s boyfriend could do this to her.
I just didn’t know his friends would do something like this to him.

Education is our greatest weapon.

When you see the signs and know who is vulnerable, you are empowered to take the steps to prevent this crime from occurring. Educate yourself about the issue.

• Learn who’s at risk and the signs of human trafficking.
• Know what actions to take if you suspect something.
• Have conversations with your friends and family to raise
awareness and stop this crime from happening.

Education is our greatest weapon

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Education creates more effective and impactful advocates
in the work to end human trafficking here in Canada.

The Centre’s survivors educational programming helps in the healing and recovery process.
In addition, focused programs also help survivor’s families understand the trauma and the recovery journey.

By sharing “best practices” the Centre’s educational programs can help professionals to provide more effective and efficient care to support survivors.

Focused training and education for front line workers, judiciary and law enforcement increases productivity and utilization of assets in the fight against human trafficking.

Education is our greatest weapon

When we know who is most vulnerable and the signs to watch for, we can all take steps to prevent and stop it from happening.

Everyone plays a role.

Working together we will end human trafficking in Canada.
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prevention programs to protect Canadians from human trafficking.
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