Education - The greatest weapon 
to fight human trafficking

Prevention, Intervention and Healing Through Education
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Thanks to generous donors, all courses and workshops are provided for free. Programming can be delivered in-person, online or through workshops.

Education and training is tailored to the specific needs of youth, parents, educators, survivors, law enforcement, social workers, front line responders, medical professionals and those working in the justice system. We also will develop customized educational programs if you have unique requirements.

Less than a kilometre from where you are right now, someone is being lured into trafficking

is the average age of entry into the sex trade in Canada
annual revenue is what one victim of human trafficking generates for a trafficker
of Canada’s sex trafficking victims are Canadian born

Education is our greatest weapon to combat human trafficking.

When we know who is most vulnerable and the signs to watch for, we can all take steps to prevent it from happening.
Education is our greatest weapon in the prevention of human trafficking. When we know who is most vulnerable and the signs to watch for, we can all take steps to prevent it from happening. 

Education creates more effective and impactful advocates in the work to end human trafficking.

Education aids in the healing and recovery process. Focused programs help survivors and their families to understand the trauma and the journey to recovery.

Education and training of front line workers, judiciary and law enforcement increases productivity and utilization of assets in the fight against human trafficking.

I’m really glad the Joy Smith Foundation presented to my students. There were 5 students in my classroom I was worried about. It opened up discussion and it was well received by the students. One of the students came up to me to say that she was breaking off with her boyfriend because of the presentation. Her boyfriend was making very inappropriate requests of her.
--Teacher, Grade 9
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The Foundation Behind The Work.

The Joy Smith Foundation is Canada's leading authority on the prevention and intervention of human trafficking. Through strengthened criminal laws, enhanced community awareness and compassionate support for survivors , we’ve made a real difference for people from across the country. 

We believe that we can prevent more youth and at-risk adults from being exploited. Predators shouldn’t be the only ones who recognize who is most vulnerable to their malicious tactics. 

The more we know and understand about human trafficking, the more we can do to prevent it.