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The Joy Smith Foundation

A registered Canadian charity, the Joy Smith Foundation is Canada’s leading authority on the prevention and intervention of human trafficking. We also provide support for survivors of this horrific crime.

It’s a responsibility we take seriously. Since 2012, we have helped more than 7,000 human trafficking survivors and their families to restore their lives by reuniting, healing and integrating victims back into their communities
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National Human Trafficking Education Centre

In 2021, the Foundation evolved with the introduction of the National Human Trafficking Education Centre. NHTEC provides education and tools to help Canadians across the country learn to recognize the signs of human trafficking to prevent this crime from occurring.

We offer a wide variety of programs for individuals such as parents, teachers and youth, as well as professionals who work with survivors including webinars, in person seminars, virtual training and more.

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Joy Smith

Joy is passionate about working on the frontlines where she feels her contribution delivers the most impact: educating Canadians on preventing human trafficking and helping victims connect with the resources they need for recovery.  She is a highly-respected authority on human trafficking and an in-demand speaker.

Janet Campbell

CEO and President
Janet brings a wealth of business experience having directed growth in several organizations and successfully leading in complex environments. She has been actively involved in the Foundation since its inception as a dedicated volunteer and in an advisory position on the Foundation Board. 

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Your support is enables us to provide free educational resources to youth, parents, first responders, educators, community leaders and those working in the justice system through the National Human Trafficking Education Centre.

Thanks to your financial support, our intervention programs support survivors and their families. Your donation directly empowers each survivor to get the necessary resources and tools they need to heal and rebuild their lives.
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